Posted 7 months ago

We are adding a new role to our programming at Parker River Community School. It’s been a long and thoughtful process to discover what a good next step for us is. Covid has reminded us of just how much value there is in teaching and early childhood educator—it’s also reminded us that there are so many families in our community that we do not serve. We like our small school feel, but adding this new role should help us grow as teachers and allow us to offer playgroups, classes & at-home curriculum for more children and families. The role can be broken down into 3 primary responsibilities:

1. Curriculum & documentation support for teachers & families in our school program
2. Curriculum writing and facilitation of Playgroups & Discovery Classes
3. Curriculum writing and facilitation of At-Home Explorations

1. School-wide Curriculum Support
Overarching goal: to support school program growth & implementation of progressive, quality curriculum (including but not limited to: Reggio Emilia, Place-Based, Constructivism, Nature based, etc)

• meet with directors and team leaders monthly to build community around curriculum & help support next steps based on each team’s needs and interests
• help team leaders find resources & avenues to make learning visible (Journey Books, Social media, Family Nights, etc)
• keep us all on track with typical annual curriculum projects such as TK Food Drive, December Acts of Kindness, playground clean up….

• help teachers find & gather materials or resources to support curriculum
• Host & provide trainings for teachers on Reggio, project work and forest education
• organize community & school fundraisers to support any of the above based on a specific need or goal
• stay up to date with EEC and MA DOE curriculum guidelines & support teachers in this
• Oversee Journey Books & Biannual evaluations
• Participate with Director & Assistant Director in annual staff evaluations based on curriculum & documentation growth
• • Remain a learner and stay current about topics related to early childhood development, developmentally appropriate curriculum, evidence-based instructional practices and research-based theory and strategies
• support team leads in organizing and planning for conferences and assessments
• Host community trainings & family round tables (4-6 per school year)
• Monthly Reggio curriculum note/inspiration in newsletter
• Step into classrooms to support teachers with meeting the curriculum needs of each child
• Complete monthly update form to show growth and needs of each class grouping
• Unite school in special curriculum project based on school-wide and class needs
• Support Director and Assistant Director with in-charge responsibilities if needed

2. Playgroups & Discovery Classes
Overarching goal: set up new structure and curriculum for Playgroups & Discovery Classes (align program for future growth)

• Host ____ playgroups & classes weekly
• Staff playgroups when future budget allows
• Write content for website and social media
• Handle all advertising within budget
• Handle enrollment & scheduling for playgroups & classes with support of director and assistant director
• Manage the design and maintenance of studio space
• Advertising & communication about playgroups and classes
• Write curriculum for classes & organize in an online and offline system for reuse by PRCP

3. At-Home Explorations
Overarching goal: set up new structure and curriculum for At-Home Explorations

• Write curriculum for at-home & organize in an online and offline system for reuse by PRCP
• Explore & select curriculum builder options, printing, packaging, etc
• Create test kits of materials to trial
• Set budget and guidelines
• Name new At-home programming• Handle subscriptions to At-Home Explorations
• Handle any follow up regarding At-Home Explorations; ie parent surveys, documentation, edits to materials and planning for future use


• Master’s Degree preferred
• At least 10 year experience in early childhood education with leadership opportunities
• At least a one year commitment required
• Pedagogista must be prepared to support program with growth goals over the next 1-3 years
• Must share common values and vision to Parker River Community School
• Must show experience and willingness to work within a budget
• Must be a life long learner and lover of all things art & nature
• Salary:
• Hours: 35 hours per week from August 20th thru June 25th (at least 15-20 onsite hours for relationship building, team meetings, class curriculum support, playgroup & discover class facilitation, etc. Additional hours, up to 35 can be scheduled ‘remotely’ or at trainings & gathering resources)
• Summer hours available based on curriculum writing needs and classes or playgroups scheduled

Email resume and cover letter to: