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March 2022

Job Description/Responsibilities:

Family Cooperative is seeking a full-time, interim (one year, with possibility of extending beyond the interim period) Director(s)* to start July 1, 2022 with a part-time transition component starting in May of 2022. Interested candidates should submit a cover letter,resume, and two professional references to Noelle Danian, Search Committee Chair, at tfcdirectorsearch@gmail.com.


●  5+ years of teaching and/or school administrative experience

●  EEC Director Certification (or ability to obtain before July 2022)

The Family Cooperative embraces early childhood education that empowers every child’s authentic, capable, and dynamic self. We envision an educational community in which each child, faculty member, and caregiver is inspired to be both teacher and learner. The Family Cooperative operates from 7:15am-4:15pm daily from Mid-August to Mid-June, with the possibility of Extended Day hours until 5:30pm Wednesdays and Thursdays in the 22-23 School Year.

Responsibilities of the administrative team include, but are not limited to:


●  Consistently work toward establishing a healthy and cooperative organizational culture

●  Be the face of the institution and represent the mission and values of TFC

●  Create a safe space for faculty and parents to address concerns

●  Seek personal professional development opportunities to expand own growth

●  Encourage vision building and innovation

●  Facilitate and encourage discussion and practice of diversity, equity, and inclusion
(DEI) among faculty, staff, and community, and lead institution with a goal towards increased DEI awareness and initiatives
Relationship with Institutional Partner(s):

●  Be the ambassador between TFC, BB&N, and other (potential) partner institutions

●  Maintain a positive and constructive working relationship with BB&N

●  Work with Board leadership to negotiate lease and establish any other written
documentation of institutional agreements

●  Partner with any collaborating institution(s), as determined by the Board of Directors, to ensure a healthy future for TFC

Administration and Operations:

●  Check in with staff regarding attendance and staff needs

●  An administrator should be on-site during all operating hours

●  Be available during drop-off and pick-up times to interface with families and develop
relationships and community

●  Manage the enrollment of each classroom
Fiduciary Responsibilities:

●  Create the budget along with the finance committee and treasurer

●  Be responsible for maintaining the budget on a day-to-day basis

●  Give quarterly budget reports to the Board

●  With Bookkeeper and Treasurer, oversee the management of all bank accounts and
investments along with the processing of all bills and receipts

●  Review, record and process payroll
Faculty Support and Development:

●  Set goals with staff in the fall

●  Provide staff with formal written evaluation in the spring

●  Have formal check-ins with each staff member two times a year (fall and spring)
regarding performance and goals

●  Conduct bi-monthly observations of each teacher

●  Support staff in their professional development process

●  Plan for and sometimes lead professional development in staff meetings

●  Conduct daily check-ins with all classrooms

●  Maintain a positive morale and work environment 

Curriculum Development:

●  Oversee and ensure delivery of appropriate Reggio-inspired, Anti-Bias, emergent and child-centered curriculum

●  Encourage curricular practices that facilitate children’s relationships within the community, explorations of their environment, and investigations of the world

●  Arrange time and opportunities for staff to develop curriculum

●  Join team meetings to stay in the loop about curriculum in each classroom and
provide guidance on curriculum planning.

Facilities Management:

●  Make sure the center’s physical facilities comply with local, state and federal laws and constitute a safe and appropriate environment for children

●  Evaluate and purchase equipment and supplies for the center or approve classroom requests to purchase materials and equipment

●  Communicate any facility needs or repairs with BB&N facilities manager first, and then seek out independent contractors if needed

Parental Communication and Involvement:

●  With support from the Board, establish the guidelines around the “cooperative model” on an annual basis

●  Develop policies for the school and communicate those to the families

●  Create safety and ease for people to express themselves

●  Maintain a system of timely and consistent communication

●  Communicate with families regarding the positive, motivating elements of the school environment in order to create community and offer insights into the school as a whole

●  Define and administer responsibilities of the cooperative model

Enrollment and Admissions:

●  In the fall, update website with new application form, and information about enrollment and admissions timeline

●  Conduct tours as needed for prospective families

●  Create fliers, postcards or any other marketing materials

●  Post marketing materials, send to all BB&N campuses and other independent and
public schools (through families in the community)

●  Collect and maintain database of applications received through January 31

●  In the winter (January) send current families re-enrollment request form, followed by re-
enrollment contract (February)

●  Determine open spaces remaining for enrollment (check in with BB&N about open spaces if they would like to reserve them) and then offer contracts to new families in March EEC and the field of Early Childhood:

●  Maintain all licensing requirements by MA DEEC

●  Make sure all staff files, children’s files, postings, and classroom furniture and materials
comply with EEC regulations

●  Submit renewal EEC application every two years and coordinate with licensor/be present for annual surprise licensing visits, followed by any necessary revisions

The Family Cooperative prohibits discrimination against any applicant for employment because of

race, color, national or ethnic origin, age, religion, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity

and expression, veteran status (special disabled veterans, disabled veterans and Vietnam-era

veterans), or any other characteristic protected under applicable federal or state law.


Job Features

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Interested candidates should send cover letter and resume to: Anna Goodkind (Director) at thefamilycooperative@gmail.com