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Job description

Inspired Early Learning Co-Director- must hold MA EEC Director I 
Are you passionate about crafting innovative, high-quality experiences in your early learning classroom? Do you take pride in your profession and hold yourself to high standards? Are you curious about exploring the boundary of what is possible in early education? SolBe provides education and care for children ages 0-5.

Co-Director Mission:

Working with a Co-Director, you’ll oversee the daily operation of the center, maintain licensing and accreditation standards, build relationships with current as well as prospective families, and lead a team of highly trained educators to create space for play, work, and life. You will also assist in providing responsive and respectful care to cultivate the overall flourishing of our children, parents, and fellow educators. To succeed in this role, one must embody a love of learning, healthy emotional regulation, personal responsibility, and positive relationship to self and others.

Be Part of a Growing Team

At SolBe, we are just crazy enough to believe that an inventive team of people passionate about early education can create the conditions for greater human flourishing to emerge in ourselves, our families, our communities, and our world. SolBe’s community has grown rapidly in its first two years. Even with the challenges of COVID-19, SolBe is proud to say that we fully compensated our entire team through the state shutdown and successfully reopened with new investments to maintain high health and safety standards. SolBe’s community continues to grow even stronger and larger than it was before the pandemic began. But despite any successes we’ve experienced, the road has been difficult and many challenges lie ahead. We believe that our journey to accomplish what is possible in early education will require each of us to give our best, and for “our best” to become a little better each day. We believe such a journey will be both hard-and worth it.

As a growing organization with big dreams, SolBe is similarly inspired to provide you with opportunities to grow in the direction of your dreams. Be the educator who is building something special.

SolBe Cultural Competencies

  • Down-to-earth: Humble, curious, understanding, practical, self-aware, able to calmly manage unexpected circumstances with poise
  • Growth-minded: Push boundaries, work hard, meet challenges with an open mind and willing to adapt behavior and responsibilities accordingly, receptive to feedback and new ideas, drive for continual improvement
  • Brilliant: Energetic, creative, passionate, solves problems, focuses on solutions, stays positive, finds new opportunities to create value for children, parents, and educators
  • Fun: Lighthearted, playful, sense of humor, optimistic, a pleasure to work with


  • Require minimum Director I Certification
  • Prefer Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Early Learning or related fields.
  • Meet requirements for ongoing education, including 20 hours of training annually as required by DEEC, maintain update-to-date CPR and First Aid Training, and other professional development as SolBe requires Full-time position
  • Employment is dependent upon successfully passing a background check
  • Require English proficiency
  • Ability to lift 35+ pounds
  • Require previous experience with young children; prefer at least two or more years of experience working in an administrator role in a group child care environment

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $61,000.00 – $67,000.00 per year

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