Posted 2 weeks ago

Head Teacher, Afternoon Program, Montessori Preschool

Hours: 3:00-5:30 Monday through Friday, with additional paid time for lesson planning, total of 12-20 hours per week. Year-long position.

Rate of pay: $30.00-$40.00

Benefits: Option of weekly hour mentorship meeting with an experienced Montessori teacher. Option to expand to additional hours or full time position if desired. Paid school vacations.

Mariposa Montessori School is seeking a lead afternoon teacher for their toddler and preschool age program. We are seeking someone who is creative, passionate about children and their development, a quick and flexible thinker, and good at delegating. The ideal candidate has experience in a Montessori classroom, but that is not required. We value interpersonal and leadership skills more than any certification or formal training. The position involves overseeing a group of approximately 30 children with the support of 2-3 teaching assistants in the afternoons, from 3:00-5:30. Wonderful indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as Montessori teaching materials and lesson plan support, are available for your use. Opportunities for growth and leadership are plentiful.

The Mariposa Montessori School has been in operation since fall 2016. Located in Arlington Center, we are pleased to offer a curriculum that supports the development of young children in all areas. One toddler age and two 3-6 classrooms are currently open with space to add additional classrooms in the future.

All interested candidates should send a resume and brief letter of interest to: Start date is negotiable. This position is open to a parent who would be interested in bringing their child to the program.