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Extended Day Co-Teachers

Administration: The Assistant Director organizes and maintains the contracts and sign up schedule for Lunch Bunch and Stay & Play. Communication between the assistant director and the afternoon extended day teaching team is ongoing throughout the year regarding children’s

participation in the programs. Lunch Bunch and Stay & Play operate in assigned studios that may also be used for the morning program.

Children – View children as capable and competent. Form a trusting relationship with each child based on respect and understanding.

The Extended Day Program

▪ Responsible for the safety and well-being of a group of up to 16 children and the

coordination of time, space and materials needed for the program.

▪ Responsible for studio set-up prior to the children’s arrival.

▪ Support children as they transitions from the morning program.

▪ Help children enjoy the social aspects of playing with children from other classes.

▪ Organize the supervision of children as they toilet, wash hands, eat lunch.

▪ Develop routines for the children to help navigate transitions, particularly from the

morning teaching team to the afternoon teaching team and transitioning from lunch to

rest and rest to play.

▪ Set up nap area, store and clean mats when finished. Offer a quiet mat option for

resting children that do not sleep.

▪ Supervise a rest period of approximately 30 minutes.

▪ Plan how to use the designated studio for playtime and offer a exploration/activities

for approximately 60 minutes before pick-up. Activities should be consistent with the

developmental needs of the children promoting growth and activity.

▪ Clean studio and other activity spaces used during Stay & Play. Store outdoor

equipment that was used.


Establish collaborative working relationships in which support, communication and the sharing

of ideas and experiences are fundamental. Participate in professional development to enhance

learning in the Reggio Emilia Approach to early childhood education. Employees will maintain a

gossip free environment.

▪ Meet Department of Early Education & Care Qualifications:

Comply with DEEC standards : Personnel records, Staff Development Plan, Staff

Training (16 hours) and Administrative systems for the classroom.

▪ Build and maintain a collaborative relationship with your co-teacher.

▪ Communicate with teachers in the morning program about the children’s well


▪ Participate in daily co-teacher meetings after the children leave and monthly faculty

meetings. Meet with the Director on an individual basis as appropriate or necessary.


▪ Arrive by 11:30 a.m. for Extended day afternoon programs

▪ Leave at 4:00 p.m. after the Stay and Play area has been cleaned and teacher reflection.

▪ Attend monthly Staff Meetings and periodic school events as requested by the Director.

Job Features

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Interested candidates should email their cover letter and resume to: Lauren O’Neil, Search Chair at lbonenbe@gmail.com