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About ITC

Infant Toddler Children’s Center, Inc. (ITC) is a trusted, innovative early learning center that supports families and that collaborates with children as they learn about themselves, each other, and the world. ITC operates with four key values:

  • Relationships matter
  • We believe that children are constructing knowledge from the moment of birth
  • ITC values childhood as a special time in life
  • ITC has a responsibility to hire and support professional early childhood teachers


ITC is a full day, year round early childhood program for children 3 months to 8 years old. We are located on a 3-acre campus in Acton, MA that includes 4 age-appropriate play yards, a small children’s garden, an on-site nature trail, and access to extensive conservation land within a short walk from school.

At ITC, we celebrate the competence of young children and provide a rich, responsive curriculum that is crafted by each classroom team in order to support individual learning and development. Our unique approach to care and education respects both child and teacher. Teachers are encouraged to build strong relationships with the children in their care. Through careful observation, thoughtful reflection and collaborative planning with co-teachers, teachers create a curriculum that offers a balance of novelty and familiarity. Children are empowered through experiencing predictable routines and rituals that are grounded in their daily rhythms. Within this safe environment, they are free to take risks, explore and stretch themselves as they are ready, always knowing there is a safe harbor at the ready in their trusting relationships with caregivers. Learn more about ITC at www.itcacton.org.


About the Executive Director

The Executive Director must have highly developed leadership, collaborative, and interpersonal skills. The Executive Director must have proven and successful experience demonstrating the ability to lead and manage a progressive school program. A successful Director will articulate, implement, and evaluate ITC’s mission by bringing:


  • Exceptional knowledge of and commitment to a Reggio-inspired philosophy of education
  • Understanding of child development
  • Experience leading a team to provide a child-centered educational program, carry out a vision, and/or implement an initiative
  • Outstanding communication skills, including: writing, speaking, listening, planning, and organizing
  • Strong academic and interpersonal skills, including a growth mindset


The Executive Director of ITC is appointed by and reports to the Board of Trustees.




Qualifications for the position:


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education or related field.
  • DEEC Director II Certificate.
  • Minimum of 5 years in program administration.


Essential duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to:


  • Ensures developmentally-appropriate and responsive curriculum for children from infancy through age eight years.
  • Communicates the philosophy and practice of ITC to the public and maintains enrollment up to but not exceeding the number of slots for which the program is licensed.
  • Recruits and retains culturally and linguistically diverse families, staff, and teachers.
  • Supports teachers’ professional development in Reggio-inspired and culturally responsive teaching.
  • Recommends and implements ITC’s business practices, including tuition policies, accurate financial records, annual audit preparation, and reporting for state or private funding.
  • Prepares the annual budget for review and approval by the Board of Trustees; implements the approved budget.
  • Responsible for hiring and terminating staff and developing employment practices for all program staff including those who provide direct services to children, support staff, contracted services, specialists, volunteers, substitutes, high school and college aides.
  • Reviews and evaluates benefits and workplace climate to ensure the retention of skilled staff.
  • Directly supervises the assistant director, program coordinators, and business manager.
  • Manages daily operations, including facilities, licensing, and program schedule.
  • Ensures compliance with the Department of Early Education and Care licensing regulations, the Town of Acton, building and fire codes, the National Association for the Education of Young Children accreditation, Department of Education Program Standards.


Please submit a resume and cover letter to officers@itcacton.org.


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Please submit a resume and cover letter to officers@itcacton.org.