Posted 8 months ago

Community/Cooperative Preschool Director Needed: 

Russell Cooperative Preschool is a non-profit play-based preschool for children between the ages 3 and 6 located in Watertown Square. We have been closed since March, 2020 due to the COVID 19 Pandemic. We are seeking candidates for a new Director to prepare for a Reopening in September 2021. 

Russell is a warm and community centered preschool where our goal is to foster creativity, encourage individual expression and provide a warm and supportive atmosphere for children to learn and thrive. Our classroom world is filled with deep imaginative play and the curriculum adapts practices from Waldorf, Reggio and Montessori teaching ideologies to create a program that is unique to Russell. 

We are looking for someone with strong interpersonal and administrative skills, who will cultivate trusting, caring, and collaborative relationships with all members of our cooperative preschool community. This role will include administrative duties as well as some classroom time. 


o Must meet state educational and licensing requirements for director 

o Bachelor’s degree or higher 

o Prior experience as Director or Associate Director (at least 1 year) 


o Has strong administrative skills and experience 

o Ability to form positive connections with children, teachers and Russell families o Passionate about early education and truly embodies play based teaching o Will respect / appreciate the history and traditions of Russell; will also find meaningfully innovative ways to keep up with the current trends 

o Has strong work ethic and can work successfully in a collaborative environment

The Director’s key responsibilities broadly fall into the following three categories:

  • Effective School Management 

o Help lead collaborative re-opening program planning to meet state COVID 19 protocols o Ensure state regulations and licensing requirements are met 

o Work with Board through regular meetings to oversee operations for the school including budget planning, enrollment planning and effective communication with school community and families 

o Collaborate with teachers to enact appropriate multi-age preschool curriculum o Work to improve efficiencies in administrative areas such as enrollment management, tuition payments etc. 

  • Parent & Community Management 

o Assist applying required Covid19 modifications to school’s seasonal traditions, help integrate new families into the community centric culture of Russell 

o Support a re-imagining of Parent Involvement in daily school operations to meet Covid19 guidelines while maintaining the Cooperative aspect of our school 

o Effectively communicate with both incoming families and existing families

o Be able to conduct sensitive conversations with families experiencing challenges and formulate effective plans for improvement, as needed 

o Work with parent committees to organize Russell Community events such as community work days, parent enrichment nights 

  • Staff Management 

o Create an atmosphere of self-reflection, peer supervision and professional growth amongst the teaching team 

o Supervise classroom activities and staff in conjunction with Lead Teacher 

o Oversee teachers and conduct staff performance reviews as well as coordinate payroll, contracts and schedules for the teachers 

If you feel that you are the right person for this position, we look forward to hearing from you. Please email your resume, cover letter, and contact information to Salary commensurate with experience.