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Our Purpose: Creating space for life, work, and play.

Our Vision: Thriving humans living vibrantly in globally nourishing communities.


• Provide responsive and respectful care for children in designated groups, including supporting  children emotionally, assisting with toileting or diaper-changing, dressing, feeding, and offering  comfort.

• Collaborate with the classroom team to ensure supportive and challenging growth opportunities for  children, including opportunities to socialize and make friends, develop skills of self-expression, and  engage with activities and content of interest to the child and group. Work with SolBe Lead educator  to create and implement a weekly curriculum to address these goals.

• Complete assessment of children’s development through the use of observational tools,  documentation and reflection. Communicate children’s development to families.

• Use Brightwheel (our classroom management app) to record children’s attendance, activities, details  of their day, and assessment information.

• Engage in regular, respectful, and sensitive communication with parents, including daily updates via  Brightwheel, conferences, center displays of children’s work and photographs.

• Light custodial duties, including sweeping, washing/sanitizing of table surfaces and equipment,  laundry.

• Meet requirements for ongoing education, including 20 hours of training annually as required by  DEEC, maintain update-to-date CPR and First Aid Training, and other professional development as  required by SolBe.

• Perform additional duties as requested by the administrative team.


• To engage in our work as a professional, including continuous learning and growth in the ECE field. • To use and model respectful speech and sympathetic listening in all areas of group collaboration and  conflict management with families, colleagues and children.

• To arrive on time for scheduled work, and in cases when that’s not possible provide notice of absences  to ensure that proper coverage can be arranged.

Our Core Values:

Apprentice Educators are,

• Inventive—We are building something new: an early-learning ecosystem of continual improvement.  We actively experiment with, and act positively to understand and improve any challenges we encounter. We take calculated risks, are unafraid of failing, and are committed to learning in all its forms. We  believe in the combination of creativity and entrepreneurship. Magic happens at the intersection of  seemingly disparate disciplines.

• Inclusive—We understand the importance of social fabric and relationships, and we ensure that those  in our community have a voice and are recognized for their humanness. We value families as partners  in a shared enterprise. Our approach to education embraces social and emotional learning, music, art,  nutrition, mindfulness, and discovery in the physical world.

• Adaptable—We maintain an open mindset and cultivate a flexible

approach that is responsive to changing needs, evolving circumstances, and promising ideas. We see  challenges as an opportunity for growth. We adapt programming to children’s and families’ needs: to  meet people where they are. We encourage growth in individuals’ capacity to learn, unlearn and  relearn.

• Accountable—We take responsibility for our choices and our outcomes. We hold our educators to  high standards and expect the same from them in return. We believe in expressing our values through  direct

Physical qualifications:

• Work requires close visual acuity to determine the accuracy, neatness, and thoroughness of the work  assigned (i.e. light custodial duties, snack distribution, classroom set-up and safety, general supervision  and wellbeing of participants) or to make general observations of facilities, participants or environment. • Ability to lift 35+ pounds.

• Ability to push a crib or stroller with approximately 80-100 pounds of weight.

• Must be able to climb, stoop, reach, stand, lift, feel, communicate appropriately, and be capable of  repetitive motion for the entirety of shift. Able to physically respond quickly in an emergency. • Assist in classrooms, field trips, and outdoor explorations, as needed.

• Understand the risk of exposure to blood and bodily fluids and use universal precautions in such  instances.


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