Revisiting Reggio Principles & Practices

Cambridge, MA

An introduction / review of the basic principles and practices of the Reggio Emilia Approach. Revisit the significant principles and practices that guide the development of the Reggio Emilia Approach both in and out of the classroom. The first hour will be a lecture focused on principles and practices, with the following half hour being […]

Designing Intelligently Responsive Environments

Children, Spaces & Relationships In this workshop, we will uncover the processes around designing intelligently responsive environments, where children’s voices are honored through co-constructive participation. We will take time to look at the soft qualities of our classrooms, such as light, color, materials, sounds, organization, placement, and micro climates, in an attempt to identify desirable […]

Collaborative Conversations: Honoring the Languages of Connection

Educators from BJS share ways to be in conversation with young children and how this can lead to deeper learning experiences.Human beings build our understanding of the world through dialogue and relationship with all who are around us. From birth, we gravitate towards conversations. What does it mean to be in conversation? How can we […]